What Quanta-ly is aiming to offer?

Quantum-Classical Hybrid Applications

An interface that combines the quantum algorithms with the classical applications. Where we aim to provide our customers with a quantum cloud-computing platform for enterprises applications, in a way of making use of Quantum-Classical Hybrid algorithms along with artificial intelligence, which is one of the key elements in the 4th industrial revolution era.

Ultimate Secured Communications

Provide quantum-based cybersecurity solutions for cryptography and protection from the vulnerability of information that needs to retain its secrecy well into the future, such as national security-level data, banking data, privacy act data, etc.

Deep-Tech Strategic Planning & Training and Consulting

Since the local “ICT” firms and fintech enterprises currently are not familiar with the solutions that are given by the Quantum Technologies, Quanta-ly team can provide Training programs to raise the efficiency and awareness of their Management Board & Technical Directors about Quantum Computing, and Quantum Cryptography.
We help both the public, and private sector in terms of adapting the quantum vision along with the enterprises future plans. Quanta-ly defines the primitive steps towards deep-tech roadmaps and how to integrate current ICT services with high-end quantum solutions.